Story is King

There is nothing compared to a good story. Something that really clicks with the inner you, emotions that you recognize or moments that you will happily share. There are lots of different ways to tell these... but is this where we're headed? 

Animation, motion graphics and 3D are good tools to tell a story, but are you willing to take the journey that getting that story entails?

You would be amazed (I'am!) to the amount of times there is no story behind a lot of creative actions , and I'm not only referring from a motion graphics or animation point of view. Agencies specially, are deploying empty actions that are completely disengaged from a message... without meaning, something that ultimately can't connect with their audiences.  

“People who actually tell stories don’t see themselves as storytellers”
— Stefan Sagesmaister

Those that are at least beautifully executed, breaking new visual boundaries and identitities:  beauty per se (which becomes a completely different debate to get into) can be excluded. But again, this alone does not connect. It can't. It won't.

How important is to tell something meaning? If you want it to be relevant, a lot, but I also understand that is not always possible to tell something deep, transgenerational or to inspire millions, but it is possible...and within reach. 

But again you might not need to do that, you might have different goals, simpler ones or you can take a different approach, there is plenty to choose. But the point is try to create a structure, a dialogue, a conversation...a story. Because the story is the great way to get exactly where you want to get. 

Sounds simple right? Well it obviously isn't unless you want to say a boring story.

With all this in mind, I'm always cautious. Stefan Sagesmaister very cleverly said in one of his interviews: people who actually tell stories don't see themselves as storytellers.

For me the Story is King

Alejandro Callejon